Focus Middle East – a network for peace and diversity

Diversity is an opportunity for everybody. Middle East is a region well known for its multiple cultures who live together since thousands of years. Exchange and confrontation built a very unique cultural mosaic that has grown and prospered over and above the region. The Middle East is the cradle of the three monotheistic world religions, as well as the home of a variety of ethnic and religious communities – Those provide identity and affiliation to the people living in the region. At the start of the 21st century this heritage is endangered more than ever.

The association Fokus Nahost e.V. – Netzwerk für Frieden und Vielfalt, english: „Focus Middle East – a network for peace and diversity” strives to support the cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in the countries of the Middle East. Every person should have a future in his or her home region independently from the respective religious or ethnic identity. We believe that living in diversity in a part of the human dignity – everywhere in the world.

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